The Book

Do you know someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia? 

If you do you will know it can be heart-breaking . Amongst the difficult days there are sometimes funny events or actions that make us smile. If you can relate to this and would like to share your story please email me. I am in the process of writing a book and would like to hear from you.

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You need to give a brief background of your loved one your funny story and your name, city and age.

Don’t forget to include who you want to dedicate to your story to. I have provided an example below:

My Grandma has always been a special person in my life we idolised each other. A few years ago she started acting different and becoming forgetful. There has been a gradual decline in her health over the years.

 Like a lot of people I love my food. This love of food was destroyed in seconds thanks to Alzheimer’s.
I thought I would do a nice thing and buy my grandma some food take it round to her house and cook it for her. So I turn up with gammon and potatoes and veg. I popped it in the fridge and told her I would be back at 4pm and would cook it for her.
4pm approached I walked into the kitchen to find her cooking. I left her to it and sat down at the table. Within a few minutes I was greeted to….gammon potatoes and vegetables along with rice salad and strawberry strudel and gravy all on the same plate!!
I have never looked at gammon the same since

Samantha Thompson aged 24 Morecambe

Knowing you are not alone and listening to others sharing their stories can help in normalising your situation.

Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient is a situation that can utterly consume the lives and well-being of the people giving care, just as the disorder consumes its victims. Laughter is a tonic and I am hoping that this book will be therapy for the readers and contributors.